About Us

Welcome to Meisterwurst India Pvt. Ltd. the most pre-eminent meat distributor or merchandiser in India, based in Bangalore. We have started our journey in a very simple way from our living room table to the worldwide market within a very short span of time. It feels like it was just yesterday we started, but we officially clocked up since 2009 as Arthur’s Food Company Pvt. Ltd and known to be famous for the best German food processing company. Then we have incorporated Meisterwurst India Pvt. Ltd. a sister company of Arthur’s Food Company Pvt. Ltd. and our small business gets an online authority in the field of FMCG sector in 2017. We explore the quality of the products containing 70-80% meat without any filter substitute in India. We cater our services by delivering high-quality German-based processed meat to our clients throughout India and thus become the pioneer of the concept of this India. We lead the way of delivering European standards and German-themed recipes for chicken and pork products in a very innovative and delicious method. With our high-tech machinery, fresh foodstuffs, innovative cold-storage unit, and an experienced German master butcher, 100% natural preservatives, our products are approved authentically throughout the world. We’ve successfully twisted a European taste experience utilizing a combination of local ingredients and high-quality German food production supplements with our experienced professionals.

Our food products are completely pure, fresh and delicious that costs half and that are equipped under the supervision of our finest German Master Butcher. It can be proudly proclaimed that our trade products are absolutely free of artificial colorants, soya, and lactose. We spread our services throughout India with a strong channel which spans across all major cities of India viz. Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pondicherry, and Kochi. Our pillar of business is built by our dedicated, innovative and enthusiastic team of Meisterwurst India Pvt. Ltd. We deliver products of pork and chicken following European processing standards and German themed recipes in diverse retail as well as industrial layout with our so many German Deli Counter in India, we can assure to offer the variety of sausages to the sausage lovers and you will surely enjoy it.

Our Vision:

To be a globally impacting food processing company enriching lives with innovation, integrity and superiority.

Our Mission:

To exceed customer expectations in the processing, distribution and marketing of safe, tasty and high-quality fruit and vegetable products from seed to shelf.
To base our operations on values, commitment, experience and knowledge of our people, partners and investors.
To create, control and monitor the quality and origin of the crops by constant value addition to the farmers and dealing with the challenges presented by the current market scenarios.

Our Management Team

Mr. Arthur Maurer

Mr. Sridhar Gopalan

Mr. Zubin Poonawala

Our Values:

We will demonstrate the highest ethical standards in all interactions.

We will be accountable to all through the efficient and environmentally responsible use of resources.

We will foster cooperation and a sense of empowerment amongst our diverse staff, volunteers, and community partners.

We will treat all of our relationships with respect.

We will continually seek to provide excellent service through the development of new and improved methods to reduce hunger.

Empathy, Passion, Empowerment
We encourage and support the best in ourselves and those we serve and provide opportunities for everyone to participate in fulfilling our mission.