About Us

Authentic German Sausage Manufacturer, Distributor & Retailer in India.

Meisterwurst (a brand of Arthur’s Food Company), took flight in Bangalore in 2017 and was the brainchild of Mr. Arthur Maurer…a German with a passion for German foods and a love of the Indian people. He wanted to bring the joy of fresh, authentic flavours of Germany to India, and so the challenging journey began. Conceptualized with the sole aim of bringing the freshest top quality processed meats and a variety of authentic flavours to the people, Meisterwurst took on challenges the processed food industry posed and set up a factory, opened retail outlets Pan India, developed channels with distributors and wholesalers, and soon became a force-to-be-reckoned with in the FMCG Industry – both in India and abroad. We have made our mark as the innovative leader in German processed meats using high-tech equipment, a state-of-the-art cold storage unit, only top caliber produce and our very own in-house German Master Butcher, whose scrutiny guarantees quality and perfection in every product.

Our objective is to ensure that all our products are made from the freshest meats, purest seasonings and spices, and perfectly cooked, cured, smoked or simply plain processed as the case may be. Produced just right in accurate proportions of flavour components – both Indian and European, mixed with flawless meat consistencies, you can enjoy the tastes of Bavaria, Austria, Italy, America, India and a whole lot more. Our products make perfect wholesome meals or ideal appetizers with chilled beer…take your pick.

The Meisterwurst team is led and managed by a team of the most competent people whose knowledge of and passion for food is unsurpassable. Everyone at Meisterwurst lives and breathes food and are hard-core foodies, so quality is never in doubt! We believe in being leaders by example – teamwork and proactiveness has gotten us far from where we first began, and our years of experience and knowledge sets the tone for our success. We strongly believe in Dedication, Honesty, Professionalism, Respect, Teamwork, Integrity, Enthusiasm and a strong Passion for Food…all key components of a successful company.

The food industry has seen many changes since the inception of Meisterwurst, which has also given rise to many like-minded food companies to set-up shop…however, Meisterwurst reins indomitably as the leader in processed meats. We have spread our wings throughout India, with our presence in Bangalore (Head Office), Kolkata, New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pondicherry and Kochi…more locations in process.

Quality, Service, Value-for-Money, Reliability, Authenticity, Innovation and Honest-to-Goodness Wholesome Flavours are key ingredients to what makes us different, and ideally describe ‘Meisterwurst’s promise!’

Don’t just take our word for it…Give us a call for all your order requirements or visit our Deli Store counter… Enjoy the taste of Germany right here in India!!

Why Us

Meisterwurst is unlike anyone else in the processed food industry! So, what makes us different from other food companies? We are foremost, the pioneers of German Sausages in India, and offer only Premium Quality products in a vast array that are no added Gluten, any Soya, MSG or artificial colors. Quality, Service, Value, Trust, Genuineness, Flexibility, Personalization and Taste Experience are what we like to ostentatiously present ourselves as Leaders in! We pride ourselves in giving you unique, exceptional experiences that match your food interests, palates, needs and prices.

If you’re looking for fresh, high grade, authentic and delicious meats, then Meisterwurst is just the place. Our value-added services include home-delivery, Deli Store counters with a wide selection of pre-packaged or customizable products and quick food-on-the-go options in-store (sandwiches, salads, subs, etc). At Meisterwurst, we never compromise on quality and are committed to using only the finest ingredients and freshest meats in all our specialties, sourced only from select suppliers – tried and tested, and produced in accordance with stringent hygiene regulations and expert supervision.

Our Vision:

To be a Global Leader in the Food Processing Markets, bringing to the fore our years of expertise and state-of-the-art innovativeness…to see our products indigenously and worldwide on every store shelf, on every top restaurant table, in every home kitchen and of course, in every flavourful bite!

Our Mission:

To shine at being a leader in the Processed Food Industry in India. To rise to the top as the World’s Premier Market Leader and Provider of superior quality meat products. To continue delighting our customers, suppliers and our community by relentlessly delivering top rated products and providing the best food choices with our extensive product range, competitive pricing, unparalleled quality and impeccable service. To create value by making a difference in how people choose their foods, and reinventing how people interactively share knowledge. To monitor market changes and adapt accordingly. To constantly boost relationships with our customer base, employees, suppliers and local communities. To go above-and-beyond customer expectations – excelling in standards of hygiene, quality, pricing, distribution, innovation and reliability. To never veer in our commitment to honoring our values to our customers, partners and investors.

Our Management Team

Mr. Arthur Maurer

Mr. Sridhar Gopalan

Mr. Zubin Poonawala

Our Values:


We vow to adhere to a code of moral obligation, a strict regard for uprightness and a conscientious concern for highest ethical standards. We place great emphasis on our professional values, sincerity, impartial treatment and true care for customers and staff alike…through our love of food.


We guarantee to conduct, supervise and manage the company and all therein through honest, efficient, right-minded and trustworthy use of environmentally available resources.


“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

The foundation of great Teamwork rests in the collaborative effort of the entire group of diverse people involved with the success of a company, led by a direction that energizes and engages team members towards achieving a common goal in the most cohesive and efficient way.


Respect is the key ingredient in any work environment…it promotes positivity, healthy communication, reduces stress, increases productivity, motivates people to achieve their best and most of all, garners loyalty.


A vital component in any workplace is Innovation – it provides companies that extra edge in market penetration and development of better connections. It is the catalyst to promote growth, adaptability, effectiveness and create better ideas and products. We will seek out new advances and systems to be a part of the Global network of companies to help in the reduction of worldwide hunger.

Empathy, Passion, Empowerment

Empathy isn’t just about building ones social-emotional skill sets; it’s also about the competency of impartially analyzing actions, behaviors, and feelings of people.

Having empathy means trying to understand, and once there is understanding, there will be change…with this change only we might then gain a sense of Empowerment.

Passion at the workplace affords people a sense of purpose…with kindness as a norm; we develop strong values which in turn help guide how we approach the rest of the world.

Motivation, Willingness & Ability

Motivation is a powerful tool that energizes drive and excites people at workplaces. Making people feel appreciated and invaluable sets the pace for organizational goals and productivity.

Teams that have both the Willingness and the Ability to perform their functions and roles well will have found purpose in their jobs by using their knowledge, skills and personality to influence others.