Oktoberfest 2020




Oktoberfest 2020 defunct? Nope, just ‘catnapping’ through this year’s pandemic!!

“Willkommen zum Oktoberfest.” — German for “welcome to Oktoberfest”

Like many celebrations globally, Germany has for the first time cancelled this year’s Oktoberfest event ever since WW II. As we know it, the year 2020 has been a worldwide game-changer with the Covid-19 pandemic setting a different course in the ‘new normal’.

Oktoberfest is a much reveled annual 2-week Bavarian folk festival of Beer, Food and Heritage, celebrated with much oomph, tradition and gaiety from mid-September to early October, lasting 16-18 days. Having roots dating back to early 1800’s in Munich to celebrate the marriage of the Bavarian crown prince, the festivities concluded with a horse race. Each year the celebrations grew bigger and better, with food and drink for hordes of global revelers in specially constructed huge beer halls. Every year, over 6 million people descend onto Munich and guzzle at least 6-7 million liters of Beer, (as also Schnapps) and consume unbelievable amounts of German foods!

Things may be temporarily out of whack, but getting into the festive spirit is what really matters. This year it’s up to you to keep the traditions alive…so, let’s make Oktoberfest 2020 a safe yet enjoyable ‘Home Affair’, kicking off this year’s party with loads of Beer, Schnapps, Brats, Wursts, Meatloaf, Roast Chicken, Cold Cut Platters, Pretzels, Potato Salad and irresistible German desserts – Apple Crumble (Bayerischer Kaiserschmarrn) – diced pancake drenched in plum jam/applesauce.

Here’s our take on enjoying the ‘Biergarten’ vibe safely with family and friends…even if a bit unconventional (isn’t everything this year☺) …let’s bring a little bit of Bavaria into your home!


  1. Travel without leaving your home…take an online Virtual Tour of Bavaria:


Online interactive virtual tours are perfect during these unfortunate pandemic times, giving you the low-down on everything you want to know about Germany. Travel electronically from the safety and comfort of your own home to learn about the world’s largest annual fall festival – history, traditions, folklore, music, food, drink and costumes. Learn about the ‘Land of the Wurst’ with its array of sausages and meats. Learn to ‘Prost’ (say cheers) the German way or ‘Brosd’ the Bavarian way!

2. Get into the Mood:

Decorating your home in blue and white colours will set the tone for the Oktoberfest celebrations. Strategically place ‘must have’ blue and white Bavarian Flags, arrange Bavarian style blue and white cotton/linen checkered tablecloths, break out tableware and Beer Steins/Mugs, pin up Oktoberfest garlands,  Oktoberfest cut-outs, or German flag cut-outs, balloons in German flag colours of black, red, gold; serve your food in Oktoberfest themed plates, cups, napkins, and tooth-picks.

Create an ‘oompah’ playlist of the typical German brass band music and dance the evening away!

Add flair by dressing in traditional Bavarian-inspired costumes‘Dirndl’ (women’s traditional dress) and ‘Lederhosen’ (men’s traditional leather pants) complete with ‘Edelweiss’ flower headbands.

3. Learn to Speak like a true Bavarian:

Impress with a few Bavarian phrases – i) “Seavus Grias god Grias di Moizaid” meaning “Hello”, (more a mealtime greeting) ii) “Seavus” meaning “Goodbye” iii) “An Schenan Doog No” meaning “have a nice day” iv) “Lasd’s aih smegga” meaning “Have a nice meal” v) “Brosd” meaning “Cheers! Good Health” vi) “La” meaning “Yes” & “Na’ meaning “No” vii) “Dang See” meaning “Thank you”.

4. Serve the Right Oktoberfest Spread:

It isn’t Oktoberfest sans authentic German foods & beverages. Serve appetizer platters of Bratwurst (German favourites pan fried/roasted), Weisswurst (Bavarian specialty boiled ‘white’ sausages), Currywurst (spicy, seasoned with curry powder – best fried & added to meals/dipped in ketchup), Frankfurter Wurstchen (quintessential hotdog/American weiner – pan fried, roasted/boiled, best between mustard-drizzled bread rolls), Black Forest Ham (Bavarian dry-cured smoked ham – sliced finely, served cold/warm), Cold Cuts and Cheeses (Bavarian if you can find). Set accompaniments of hot & sweet mustard, pickles & relishes, sauerkraut & red cabbage.

Feast on Roast Chicken (classic lemon-thyme flavour), Schweinebraten or Roast Pork, Schweinshaxe or Roast Ham Hock, Bavarian Meatloaf, Wursts or Sausages, Brezen or German-style Pretzels; accompanied by Potato Salad (typical Bavarian Potato Salad made with only vinegar & oil, no mayonnaise), Sauerkraut or Braised Cabbage (pickled in Beer or Cider), and Bavarian staples of Knodel or Potato Dumplings (potato & bread cubes) & Spaetzle or egg noodles.

5.  It’s Oktoberfest…there’s got to be lots & lots of Beer:

If you were actually at the Munich Oktoberfest or elsewhere, the best Bavarian Beers on-tap would come from Munich. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic won’t allow this luxury. None-the-less, there’s always plenty of German Beers to choose from at your local liquor stores, retail outlets and breweries. Stock up beer varieties like Hefeweizen (Bavarian-style wheat brew), Pilsner (dry, refreshing, with a hoppy bite), Weissbier (cloudy, malted barley & wheat blend), Classic Bock (dark, malty flavour), other Lagers & Ales.

6. Sweet Endings…a welcome respite:

Unwind after all the eating, drinking and merriment with German dessert delights – Apple Crumble, Sachertorte (Viennese chocolate sponge cake, with apricot jam coated in dark chocolate), Bayerischer Kaiserschmarrn (diced pancake drenched in plum jam/applesauce), Apfelstrudel (sweet, layered apple-filled pastry, best with Vanilla Ice-cream & strong (German) Coffee.

Beer & Sausage fans don’t despair…you needn’t miss out on anything except madding crowds, noise and bands!! Who couldn’t use the perfect excuse to eat, drink & enjoy right now??

So folks, let the good time roll…” the best Beers are the ones we drink with family & friends, and nothing brings people together like Good Food & Drink”!!