The quantity of Product/s ordered for by you and the quantity of Product/s supplied to you may be variable in some instances. Please note here that while we endeavor to take complete care to ensure that you are supplied the exact quantity you have ordered for, oftentimes it may happen that the exact quantity of the Product/s supplied may vary…due to the nature of the Product.


All MIPL products listed on the Website will be sold at listed MRP unless specified otherwise. The prices mentioned at the time of ordering will be the exact prices charged at the time on the date of delivery of the products. Additionally, even though prices of most of the products do not fluctuate regularly or on a daily basis, there may be few changes in lieu of commodities and fresh food prices as the changes may be affected consequently. In the rare event that the prices may be higher or lower on the date of delivery of the ordered items, No Additional charges will be collected or refunded as the case may. Based on the weight/ description of the Product/s particularly in relation to your order, the prices will be accordingly.


MIPL may levy certain charges as the case may be at its sole discretion, which may be determined by the applicable taxes and handling charges where applicable, and will be an All Inclusive Price (Delivery, Handling & Taxes). The absolute and sole discretion lies with MIPL to revise any such All Inclusive charges without necessarily providing prior notice.


MIPL reserves the right to modify or discontinue any Product/s (or any part of or content thereof) without prior intimation at any given time. Prices of our Product/s are subject to change/revision at any time at the sole discretion of MIPL, without notice. We will not be liable to the shopper or any third-party for any price revisions, modifications, suspensions or discontinuance of any Product.


MIPL can at any time decide to modify the Terms of Use & Conditions of Service Agreement of the Website without any prior intimation to you. You may access the latest version of these Terms & Conditions at any point in time on the Site by reviewing it thoroughly and periodically before use. At any time should you decide the modified Terms & Conditions are not acceptable to you, you are free to discontinue using the Site and Services. However, should you choose to continue using the Site and Services, it shall hereby be deemed that you have agreed to accept and abide by the modified Terms & Conditions of Use of this Site and Services.


MIPL reserves the right at any given time to refuse your order placed with us. As may be the case, we also can at our sole discretion, cancel or limit quantities you have purchased…be it per order or per person or per household. Such limitations may orders placed under the same person’s customer account, the same payment method, and/or but not limiting the use of the same billing/shipping address. In the eventuality we decide to modify, change or cancel an order, we may notify you via provided email and/or via billing address and/or registered phone number given at the time of placing the order. The shopper agrees to provide accurate, complete and current purchase and account information made herein on our Platform.


As a customer/shopper, you are entitled to cancel your order anytime upto and until the provided cut-off time…which is 30 minutes from the time of the order placed by you and received by us. In case of cancellation, we will refund the amount paid by you for the ordered products. We wish to gently warn any shopper here that if we should doubt or suspect any type of fraudulent transaction by the customer, or notice any transaction that defies our Terms & Conditions for the usage of our Website, we will use our sole discretion to cancel any such dubious orders placed on our Platform. We will hereby maintain a list of all fraudulent and / or negative transactions related to such customers, and reserve the right to deny access to the shopper/s or cancel any orders placed by them.


All our members / customers are entitled to a ‘no questions asked return and refund policy’ which allows our customers / members to return any of the product/s at the time of delivery if for some reason they feel unsatisfied with the quality / freshness of the product/s. The rejected / returned product/s will be taken back by us and we will then issue a Credit Note for the value of the returned product/s which will reflect as a credit in your account on the Website, which can be utilized for any subsequent shopping by the customer. Alternatively, if so wished the refund can be made back via the same Payment Gateway used by the customer on the Website used at the time of making the payment. Refunded amount can take upto 7 days to reflect.


1. That in the event that non-delivery of an order should arise on account of an error made by you (the customer) such as wrong name or mistaken address or any other misinformation by you, any incidental / additional cost incurred by MIPL for re-delivering the said order will be the responsibility of the customer and claimed from you respectively.
2. That you agree to provide genuine and correct information under such instance where such information is requested from you and requisite for the purpose of ordering. MIPL reserves the sole right to reconfirm and validate any such information provided by you, as well as any other incidental details as may be required from you at any point in time. Should the information provided by you found not to be correct and true at any point in time (entirely or partially), MIPL thus has the right in its sole discretion to reject such dubious or incorrect registration and debar you from using our Services and / or the Website without prior intimation whatsoever.
3. That the address at which the delivery of the product ordered by you is to be made will be 100% correct and proper in every respect.
4. That prior to placing an order you will review, check and confirm the product description carefully. When you place an order for any product/s you hereby agree to adhere to the conditions of sale as mentioned clearly in the product description.
5. That you will agree to use the services as given on the Website, its consultants and third-party contracted companies for purely lawful purposes and diligently comply with all applicable rules, regulations and laws during usage and transacting on the Website.
6. That you access such services as available to you on this Website, while transacting at your own risk and using your better prudent judgment before transacting via this Website.