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When the Afghans invaded India, they introduced ‘Seekh Kebabs’ to Indian cuisine during the pre-Mughal era, picking it up from the Turks. The Mughals later evolved ‘Seekh Kebabs’ into a more tender, richer, well marinated spiced delicacy. Called ‘Shish Kebab’ it originated from Turkey, where ‘Shish’ means ‘sword’ since the kebabs are wrappped on ‘skewers’; while ‘kebab’ means ‘to roast’…it’s cooking technique. A favourite in Middle Eastern countries and South Asia, ‘Seekh Kebabs’ are prepared with differently spiced minced/ground meats (or vegetables); threaded cylindrically into skewers, then flame-grilled/barbequed/pan-fried. Meisterwurst’s Chicken Seekh Kebabs are best with evening sundowners steaming hot with fresh coriander chutney/yoghurt raita, onion slices, Indian naans/parathas..squeeze lime to finish off!

Cooking Instruction:
Pan Fry/Sauté – Pan-fry on medium heat with a little olive/sunflower/canola oil for 6-8 minutes until brown in colour, turning periodically.
Grill – Preheat griller/oven to medium, lightly oil the Pork Seekh Kebabs. Cook for about 7-9 minutes, turning often until browned outside & juicy inside.

P.S. Cooking appliances may differ in performance/cooking times.

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