Traditional German Recipes

Meisterwurst India brings to you the best of German cuisine – hearty, rich and diverse.

Traditional German cuisine is not shaped by agricultural or geographical traditions, but by the diverse multi-cultural immigrants who made Germany their home over time. There’s so much more to German foods than Beer, Pretzels, Sauerkraut, Schnitzels, dizzying types of Sausages (Wursts) and the famous Almond-filled Stollen. There’s meat at every meal!

You don’t need an occasion or festival to enjoy the very best of German treats. A typical meal generally includes hearty amounts of meats…slathered in creamy or piquant sauces, accompanied by buttery bread rolls, relishes, mashed/roast potatoes and ‘liquid gold’…pints of Bock Beer. With emphasis on meats and potatoes, German foods focus on sweet and savoury, using old-school techniques of combining vinegars, sugars and fruits.

Does any of this tempt you? Haben sie hunger? Are you hungry now? Meisterwurst India rustles up a host of delectable traditional German delights using the most popular varieties of our best Sausages, Bacon, Meatloaf, Cold cuts, Roasts, Tenderloins and more…all available at our speciality Deli Store outlets. So why wait…find our Meisterwurst Deli closest to you to ‘get a bite’ of our all-time favourite bests!!

Streaky Bacon, Deviled Egg & Potato SaladIf you want simplicity, then look no farther. Just tweak the classic German Potato Salad to include Bacon to whet the bacon lover’s palette & good old-fashioned flavorful Deviled Eggs!! Ideal served with Grills for a summertime cookout. German foods awaken a deep passionate feeling, especially on cold nights! Sensory overload!!-