Introducing ourselves as Meisterwurst India Pvt.Ltd, the sister company of Arthurs Food Company Pvt Ltd. By signing up the Meisterwurst India Pvt.Ltd, customers are asked to go through all the terms & conditions of our website:

All of our website visitors or customers are requested to go through the T & C meticulously before placing an order, as by placing an order, it is assumed that you have conquered all the T & C of Meisterwurst India Pvt.Ltd. We have the authority to terminate any service agreement at any time for any reasons. No refund shall be entertained whether the service is supposed to have commenced and is for all objects and purposes. The Refund will be entertained, particularly in respect of the provision of unused services or any monies that have already been paid to us in advance. The transactions are applicable by any mode by cash on delivery or a visa or MasterCard. There are so many others’ payment gateways such as Payumoney, Mobikwik, Rupay etc. No cheque or bill of exchange will be considered as fulfillment of the payment obligation.

We value our visitors/ customers and this is the reason why we collect all the details of personally detectable information about our customers’ who have registered with us. This provided information kept to be safe & confidential, including your contact details with us. We, at Meisterwurst India Pvt. Ltd can assure our buyers about the suitability of the products for their intended use.

As per the company norms and regulations, no one is allowed to access and make personal use of this site or download or modify it, or any portion of it, except with express written permission of Meisterwurst India Pvt. Ltd. No one is allowed to use this site include any commercial purposes of resale, product listing, image modification, downloading or copying contents or images, prices and all other descriptions or data or any other account information for the benefits of other competitors in the market. Our site or the portion of this site is extremely prohibited from the use of replication, duplication, resold, or, copying some texts or layout, data for any commercial purposes without an express written agreement in Meisterwurst India Pvt. Ltd.

When it comes to the Account registrations & obligations, all of our buyers are requested to register & login our site.All the login credentials should be appropriate & correct with proper registration details for the communication related to the purchase of our German foods from our site. We will be happy to serve our best promotional communication and newsletters to the registered customers of our site. You, as a customer can withdraw the order anytime  either by unsubscribing in My Account” or by communicating with our customer service.

The products listed on the site will be sold at MRP. We continue to improve our site by improving the quality of the foods and sausages constantly and reserve the right to modify our products and prices without notice. We assure our customers that the prices mentioned at the time of placing an order will be charged at the same on the date of delivery inclusive all taxes. You are supposed to bind to pay an extra cost in that case or any misplacement of the orders or any mistakes from your end(regarding incorrect address or name is given, or any other wrong information). Meisterwurst India Pvt. Ltd retains the right to authenticate the information and other particulars provided by you at any point in time. We have right to retain or wind up the services or the registration if upon confirmation, your details are found to be fraudulent (wholly or partly) without prior intimation whatsoever.